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ming zhen

I love gary chapman! Just got his new book on 'love is a verb' today!

I personally think learning to identify one's loved one's love languages is more important as compared to own's love language.

cause knowing the partner's love languages, one can better identify it when the partner is actually showering love upon himself/herself.

one's love languages can be gifts and words of encouragement, but that does not mean that when the partner did not shower these love languages, one would feel unloved (probably will or probably not). cause most of the time people tends to display the love language of their own onto others, so when learned about partner's love languages, its actually very easy to see the shower of love even though the displayed love language is not one's own love language.
that itself is enough to make one feel loved.

and who knows, eventually over time, one learns to appreciate the love language of the partner's and subsequently having the same love language.

at least thats what happened to me!


Yeah, I agree with you that we need to first make ourselves aware of how our loved ones operate, only then can we truly appreciate their love and care for us.

Its good that you took that step to improve your own relationships!

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