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One more thing I thought was important is reporting(either mandatory or not). It was reported that "social workers did not listen to school staff members' concerns about Khyra, and contact by two worried members of the public was not acted on". Why such a situation? Weren't the social worker trained to identify risks? I know that Singapore does not have provisions for the mandatory reporting of child abuse. Without such legislations will there come a time when professionals(are they trained?)become lax in reporting abuse?

Fareez if you are interested in collaboration work in dealing with child abuse cases, I recommend you read Tony Morrison's
1. Collaboration, integration and change in children’s services: Critical issues and key ingredients
2. Partnership and Collaboration: Rhetoric and Reality.



Currently there are standard protocols sent by MCYS to schools and FSCs for the reporting of Child abuse, but sometimes the difficulties are when the definitions of abuse are blurred, especially when it is not physical violence on display. No amount of protocols or checklists seem useful. Sometimes its better to err on the side of caution I suppose.

Thanks for the recommendations. Will check them out! =)

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