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You hit it right on. Parents today often neglect their own personal finance for needs just to make sure that the children and bills are paid.

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It is a moral right for children to maintain their parents in their elderly state. The term filial piety comes to mind.

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A brilliant Saturday and the call to visit Katchkie Farm was irresistible; I invited my friend, Nazli, to come along. We sailed up the Taconic lost in conversation about life in Iran, her native country, where she had recently spent two weeks, returning with tasty treats and packages of vegetable seeds. Is it characteristic of someone who loves a garden to gravitate to local agriculture when travelling? As I travel, I always buy a selection of local seeds. My collection includes seeds from Japan, Israel, England and Spain.


Even a childess woman could be off sick with this that and the other. What if you needed to go to dialysis 3 times a week or have chemo every week?

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