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Interesting that most of it is common sense yet why does it become glaringly so only when it's on print? I hate to be AND be seen as a nagger, yet I still do it - only sometimes, I hope! From my experience sometimes it's laziness that makes me as a parent forget to use common sense. I've learnt to force myself to stop and think first - to be mindful and aware that I DO NOT WANT to nag, etc - before I articulate the instructions to the kids. Parenting is SO HARD! :)


Am currently reading a book that has a good tip on getting children to listen to the parent: "Don't sweat the small stuff. If you constantly nag and pick at your kids about every little thing, they'll quickly tune you out. Save your energy for the important things - if you do, then they'll be more likely to listen and heed your words." Again, common sense isn't it...:)

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